Blockchain Business Lab

b2Lab will conduct academic research in partnership with leading organizations and corporations to assess the potential of the blockchain technology for their businesses or new value propositions. b2Lab will help top managers from a number of industries to identify, assess and validate new, unconventional use-cases that could drive the development of business models around blockchain technology.


As one of the top-ranked universities in the world, the ETH Zurich established itself as the pioneer incubator for new, innovative solutions to the global challenges of today and tomorrow’s generations. Various groups within ETHZ are at the forefront of blockchain technical research and development. However, little is being done in regards to the application and new business opportunities of this technology. With this purpose in mind, the Technology and Innovation Management chair of Prof. Stefano Brusoni at the Department of Management in ETHZ is now establishing b2Lab (Blockchain Business Lab).

Our mission is to explore the business impact and implementation challenges for blockchain in corporate settings, acting as a connecting space between academia and business.