Introduction to the b2Lab of ETH Zürich


The b2Lab conducts academic research in partnership with leading organizations and corporations to assess the potential of the blockchain technology for their businesses or new value propositions. b2Lab helps top managers from a number of industries to identify, assess and validate new, unconventional use-cases that could drive the development of business models around blockchain technology.

We made an introductory video to explain distributed ledger technologies:

In simple terms Blockchain is a network of shared databases that support multiple writers and is synchronized in real time. This network is designed with a series of rules that clearly define the roles of each existing or new participant, the types of transactions between them and the kind of values that may be created or exchanged. Finally each change or transaction within this network will be chronologically written in an immutable record, meaning that while transactions may be changed, the record of that transaction and its correction can never be deleted.

Let us know what you think about this project and if you want to contribute to it!

Linda Armbruster