Who we are


Hola! My name is Alan.

Alan has a background in mechatronics engineering, a masters in management and a PhD in innovation strategy. His professional career started at ABB and since then has founded a couple of companies, works closely with ETHZ in various initiatives, and was most recently the blockchain lead and innovation manager for Allianz AGCS. He is the founder of b2Lab and the General Manager for Adjoint in Switzerland.

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Hello! I’m Scott.

Scott holds a Biological Systems Engineering degree from the United States and a Masters in Management of Technology and Economics from the ETH Zurich. Scott has a depth of experience in emerging technologies, innovation and digital product management. He wrote his thesis on Corporate Startup Collaboration and was most recently an Innovation Manager at a Fortune 50 insurance company. Scott is the Program Manager of the b2Lab and the Head of Operations for Adjoint in Switzerland.

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Kaixo! I’m Javi.

Javier holds a BSc degree in Industrial Engineer from University of Navarra, and will soon graduate from ETHZ with a MSc. in Management Technology and Economics. In 2016 he co-founded Velohub AG, a start-up that develops smart lights for urban cyclists. He previously worked for Procter & Gamble and Daimler AG.

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Moi! My name is Liisa.

Liisa Männistö is an Executive MBA student from Vlerick Business School in Brussels, experienced in Credit Risk Management, SAP FSCM, system implementation projects, testing and training. She’s completing her studies and thesis in a project with b2Lab and loves exchanging ideas with new people.

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Nihao! I’m Jasper.

Jasper holds a BSc. degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and will soon graduate from ETH Zurich with a MSc. in Management Technology and Economics. He is currently writing his Master thesis on the relationship between blockchain consortia and blockchain technology in terms of trust, opportunism and power. Jasper is also a co-founder of a medical device startup based in the US, which strives to minimize the incidence rate of a preventable bloodstream infection in hospitals.

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Hoi! I’m Lilian.

As an accomplished designer with a B.A. Graphic Design from the Hochschule Luzern, Art & Design, Lilian excels at transforming elaborate material into lucid and bold designs. Additionally, she is a trained Design Thinker at ETHZ. Lilian enjoys working and experimenting with different design methods to find new, compelling ways to communicate.

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Ciao! I'm Stefano.

Stefano joined ETHZ as a professor after obtaining a D.Phil. in Science and Technology Studies at the University of Sussex. As coordinator of the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management and academic lead for b2Lab, he focuses on understanding how organisations and individuals learn to find, introduce and implement innovations in a routine way, applying methodologies that range from qualitative methods to neuro-scientific techniques.

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